April 15, 2009


A few quick tidbits to get us through the week …

  • Interactive Dad.com – I just love this. Their site says it best. [ … Gone are the days of Ward Cleaver. Today’s dad has new priorities. He wants a satisfying career and time with his family. He wants to be an equal partner. Not just a paycheck …] Great site.
  • Uncle Sam wants YOU, to be a good father– I admit, government information is usually about as dry as an over-cooked turkey dinner. But, as someone who is easily distracted (hey look, a shiny thing …) I happen to like the no-fluff, gimme-just-the-facts-jack feel of most federal websites. Here’s the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’s page for promoting responsible fatherhood.
  • Mom and Mad, keeping tabs – This is interesting. The Boston Globe reports that schools across Massachusetts will start sending reports home to parents to let them know if their child weighs too much or too little. Similar programs are sprouting up in other states, including New York and Arkansas. My accountant told me recently that his kids’ school sends him regular e-mails to keep him apprised of his boys grades. Be sure to ask about – and push for – similar things in your areas at your next PTA meeting.

More to follow … enjoy the jumps!


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