April 22, 2009 – Happy Earth Day!


A few quick tidbits to get us through the week …

… and help us help the planet in the process.

Earth Day DIY: Who’s responsible for taking care of the Earth so our kids can enjoy it as we have? The results are in, and the answer: you and me. If we each a do our own small part, it can make a huge difference. (Come on guys, our ladies have been telling us for years, “it’s the little things that matter most.”) As far as saving the planet goes, every little bit helps and this site breaks it down step by step.

Extreme Ice Survey: Seeing is Believing. If you’ve ever wondered what global warming looks like, this is it. A group of scientists and photographers, using time lapse photography and video have teamed up to document the rapid changes occurring on Earth’s glacial ice. Stunning imagery. Be sure to check out the “What You Can Do,” page.

Leaving your mark is overrated: At some point, we all have to talk to our kids about ethics. No better time that the present to talk to them about outdoor ethics. But what exactly is outdoor ethics and how on Earth do you explain it? The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is a good starting point. They’re based in Colorado, and their eco-friendly reach is global.

Many thanks to friend, fellow parent and illustrator Barb Patton for the great Earth Day image above. When I asked Barb (at the very last minute of course) if she could put something together for the blog, she didn’t disappoint. Thanks for coming through as usual, Barb! She’s a true professional and artist. Take a look at some of her other work here.

More to follow … enjoy the jumps!

P.S. Join the discussion! What are you doing this year for Earth Day?


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    […] By lukepinneo My friend Barb is a single mother and works full time. You may remember her from our Earth Day post, when she made us the great planet illustration. She made this illustration […]

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