May 13, 2009


On Fatherhood surpassed 1000 hits this week. That’s pretty cool.

A few quick tidbits to get us through the week …

  • I tell my boys I’m not afraid of anything. Truth is, I’m scared to death of losing them. Did you know May 25 is National Missing Children’s Day? [With a focus on prevention, the campaign encourages parents, guardians, and other role models to spend time talking to kids to teach them ways to be safer.] I don’t want my kids to live with fear – who does? There is a natural tendency to avoid talking about this stuff with our little ones. I have found there are ways to educate them, without scaring them. We don’t need to explain why, or go over all the frightful scenarios with them. They just need to know what to do and what not in different situations. We go over the rules periodically at our house: the stranger rule, the touching rule, the gun-at-a-friend’s house rule. “What do you do if …” 
  • My friend Glen Rosenholm, fellow father, journalist and lover of trees, sent me this article from I’m a bad mother, and that’s OK. An excerpt: “It’s not about flaunting bad parents … it’s about being honest about motherhood – not lowering our expectations, but changing them . . . One woman’s secret can be another woman’s solace or solution.” The article also mentions [part of the “bad-mommy” confessional genre, both online and in print, that has exploded in popularity in recent months as it exposes the less-than-blissful side of motherhood.] Many thanks for the link, Glen.
  • The ball is now in Mom’s court: Here’s a revealing study that basically breaks down how kids, specifically teens, think. If It Catches My Eye: An Exploration of Online News Experiences of Teenagers – looks at what drives the online news consumption of young people. This is insightful in today’s world where we see newspapers folding by the dozens, everything migrating to the web, and marketers going to great lengths to reach increasingly segmented audiences – especially teenagers.

More to follow … enjoy the jumps!


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