May 20, 2009


A few quick tidbits to get us through the week …

  • This is really cool. Our On-Fatherhood friend and fellow parent Stacey, who we featured in our last post, is a hero. Early Friday morning, she came upon an apartment building in flames near the Naval shipyard where she works, and helped save the occupants. The writers at her local paper tell it best.

  • Speaking of heroic moms, take a look at, Super-Mom meets her kryptonite. [ … As the myth goes, a mother is capable of Herculean feats when her offspring are confronted with danger. Supposedly it is these deep reservoirs that give us the ability to power through courageously where mere mortals falter …] It’s a short, fun read.

  • This is for my good friend Jason. Congratulations to him and his wife who just had their first baby. It’s a girl. (insert long “awwwe” sound here). Now I have learned, as a husband and father, there are some battles you just don’t pick. It wasn’t always that way, but I learn pretty fast. When I read this piece in a parenting blog in the New York Times, I found myself thinking three unrelated things: One, “I understand how you feel,” two, “Have you ever tried inserting your foot into your mouth?” and three, “Jason, my friend, don’t go there.” The article was an interesting perspective – but the nearly 250 (and counting) comments were the better story IMO. For any new parent out there … read the comments. They’re very educational.

P.S. – Thanks for the stogie, Jason!

More to follow … enjoy the jumps!



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