May 26, 2009


A few quick tidbits to get us through the week.

Well – this is it. Our last post for May. We wrap up our  “Mother’s Month” theme with a few last helpful mom links below.

But first …

The month of June, I promise you, is going to be nuts On Fatherhood. My wife and kids are leaving for Japan, and I’m staying behind to complete our move to Washington, D.C. by myself.

I’ll be joining them in Japan in July – and I have some great ideas for the blog while I’m there – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

June is going to be like that scene in Apollo 13, where they slingshot around the moon to try to build up enough momentum to get back to Earth. You remember that? Basically, they commit to going around the moon, and losing all communication with ground control. They have no idea what’s on the dark side of the moon, or if they’ll even make it back – but they have no other choice but to venture forward into the blackness of space.

It’s going to be interesting month. I’m keeping the same two posts a week schedule. So be sure to check in periodically for tips on, say, “How to keep your cat from eating your houseplants while driving a mini van through congested Maryland traffic.” or “Ten reasons not to tell the moving company what you think of their deliberately slow pace.”

Or, one of my favorite things, “How to hang pictures on the walls of your new house under your wife’s instuctions… via webcam.”

It’s going be an interesting month On Fatherhood. I can just feel it.

And now for the jumps …

  • Making First Mother’s Day Special –  I know we have a few new babies and first-time parents in the crowd. And even though Mother’s Day has come and gone … this is the kind of stuff us guys should do as often as possible. It is so easy to get so wrapped up in parenting that we don’t notice if our marriages are unraveling. Take time for each other. This short article is a great example to follow.
  • Work It, Mom! – In the last post, we had a glimpse into the life of a single, working mom.  This link is to a site devoted to working moms. From the site: [ … It’s not easy to juggle family and career while maintaining your own sanity. We created Work It, Mom! because we believe that having a community where working moms can share their experiences, advice, and support can make that daily juggle a bit more manageable …]
  • Bad economy: Many moms resorting to unhealthy behaviors – Moms, do you lately find yourself turning to some sort of unhealthy behavior, such as gambling, drinking, drugs or overeating to deal with the bad economy. If so – you’re not alone. More than 60 percent surveyed said they have “intensely negative emotions.” But really, the economy could be wonderful – and we would still have deep stress in our lives. I’ve posted before about stress, several times, because I think it is poisonous, and because it usually gets downplayed in families. But, as this article shows, its important to notice it and keep in check. Maybe you’re not stressed – great. But if not, take a look around you and notice if anyone else is. Sometimes, to regain a healthy perspective, all it takes is to talk through problems and worries. Take care of each other.

More to follow … enjoy the jumps!


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