The gift of memories …

Today, this hangs above our door. It tells of the beginning ...

... when it was just Kumi and me in our townhouse in Oregon in 2002. There we are kissing in front of our first tree, on our first Christmas.

And then Philo joined us in 2004 ...

... and as he grew, so did our love - for him and for each other.

And soon, we three would be we four - as can be seen in Kumi's tummy in 2007. Hugh would join us just one month later.

Alongside his big brother, he too would grow. And so did our love for each other.

And now, we celebrate not only the joy of the holidays, but the joy in having each other and the warmth of a blessed family ...

… All because two people fell in love — and stayed there.

We wish you love, happiness, warm families and great friends!



2 Responses to “The gift of memories …”

  1. Kelly K. Says:

    Happy Holidays to you, too, my friends! We miss you!

  2. Angie Knop Says:

    What a beautiful family…from the inside out!

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