Spring thoughts and videos on the fly …

I always know when spring is near.

Temperatures warm up, snow turns to rain, buds swell and birds’ songs stir the air.

And there is always a torrent of new projects and to-do lists that out of nowhere, jump up and catch me still half asleep from the lull of winter.

I’ll spare the details, at least for this week, as I trust everyone has their own fair share of spring cleanin’ and catchin’ up to do.

Instead, in the spirit of brevity and entertainment, I want to share some videos I made recently of our oldest son.

First is from his Karate class, where he earned his first belt advancement. It was a pretty big deal for him. He’s been working really hard in class, and it was a great lesson in, “hard work and discipline pay off.”

And the second video is … well … just fun. You’ll see.

Be sure to check back with us Wednesday for the jumps!


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