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Reflux Sux

August 12, 2010

A reader contacted me not long ago, asking about infant influx. She knew that our youngest son, who at the time of this writing is about two and a half years old, had reflux as a baby.

We managed alright, but it was not a fun time. Reluctantly, we used medicine; Zantac and Prevacid – and did a TON of research on the condition and various treatments. I mean a TON. You remember that commercial where the guy gets to the end of the internet? Yeah, that was us with reflux. Everything from chiropractic treatments to acupuncture. We even found someone eerily similar to the late Zelda Rubinstein from the movie┬áPoltergeist, who offered to rid the child of the sickness. “This baby is clean.”

There was so much information about infant reflux out there, and we found most of it.

This hurt as much as it helped, I think. There is SO much information, too much even,and everyone is an expert. And some stories are downright scary, albeit the exceptions rather than the rules.

I recommend the same for anyone. Research fervently, but remember that most should be taken with a grain of salt.

In the end, we had to trust our doc. Note here: If you ever feel like you and your pedi just don’t connect, switch docs. Don’t wait. Do it. Because once something serious comes up, you’ll need that connection more than anything.

We worked with several docs, mostly specialists, and developed a treatment. We used the meds. We had to sleep with him vertical for a long time. And we had to thicken his formula with cereal. He got really fat there for a while. We’re talking quite a few tummy rolls beyond chubby.

But now, having out grown reflux, he’s bright as a bulb, cute as a button and a happy, healthy boy.

And though I care not to join the multitudes of self-asserted internet experts, having been through it – I dare say the worst of it – I extend myself as a resource for anyone faced with the same condition.

Drop me line.

And I should add, when we would visit the pedi at Children’s Hospital in Boston, we always saw alot of other parents with kids who had serious medical conditions. Not that our son’s weren’t, but these kids were quite severe. Wheelchairs, machines, tubes; all permanent fixtures I suspect. Many kids we saw in the waiting room were mentally handicapped also.

Now I’ve never been one to compare myself to others in order to gauge my own wellness, but as tough as infant reflux was for us, I always left Children’s Hospital with perspective. At home, in the late hours of the night, as our small boy lay there on my or my wife’s torso, which were thus propped up nightly with pillows, I wondered what those other parents were doing.

So I guess I can’t say we’ve been through the absolute worst of it.

But all things being relative, treating infant reflux is a major commitment and challenge – but a temporary one.