Kids and the Value of Film?

It read, “Learning Life’s Lessons Through Film”

I get roped into reading these stories all the time. A cover story about kids, right?


Few things irk me more than a title that doesn’t deliver. And more and more, it occurs to me how often consumer culture dangles “kids” in front of us, hoping to get a bite.

In any case, beyond the fact that this story has four ledes, and barely a cohesive thread of thought woven through it, you might find, buried in the end (after clicking through once), it only vaguely mentions something about kids and preserving the art of film. All good points, but buried at the bottom.

USA WEEKEND – “A marquee of A-list directors, led by Martin Scorsese and including Spielberg and George Lucas, has come together to turn the magic of movies into life lessons for America’s young people and, in the process, infuse a new generation with an appreciation for film.” FULL STORY

All things being fair, USA WEEKEND did also included a great VIDEO about SIDS, as October is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness month.

So they’re forgiven.


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