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Carry on ole’ boy, carry on …

December 18, 2010

I enjoyed this morning photographing Mark, Mary and their 2-year-old boy Constantine. They were great people of an enchanting tale:

She from Kansas, he from London, in motion and in love – and the rest is history.

(insert smile here.)

You know, I can’t help it. There’s just something indescribably special about getting to know new friends though the lens of a camera.

And to see families happily huddled together in few square feet and carrying on that age-old tradition of a portrait sitting – call me sentimental – but it’s just really, really nice to be a part of.

To think that someday, long from now when I’m dead and dust, someone might be thumbing through the very photographs we made this morning and say, “That’s your great, great grand dad Constantine when he was little,” … I think that’s pretty cool.