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Teach a Kid to Argue

June 18, 2011

Via figarospeech

… let’s face it: Our culture has lost the ability to usefully disagree. Most Americans seem to avoid argument.

But this has produced passive aggression and groupthink in the office, red and blue states, and families unable to discuss things as simple as what to watch on television.

Rhetoric doesn’t turn kids into back-sassers; it makes them think about other points of view …



Hot Light

June 10, 2011

UPDATE 7/22/11 – Today, Philo completed his first week of Summer Science Camp, during which he attempted to power a light bulb with eight lemons – unfortunately to no avail. Still, with a printout of the scientific method flow chart in his hot little hand, his quest for cold illumination is officially underway.

So tonight, after Philo told me about how fireflies mate, I decided it was time to have the talk …

… the talk about the inefficiencies of our current light technology, and how much of the energy is wasted as heat, and that he should resolve to develop synthesized cold illumination similar to what fireflies produce. We’ll keep you posted.