PRESS RELEASE: Parties Agree to Unconditional Peace Treaty


PINNEO HOME, Va. (Nov. 13, 2011) – After months of amassing a razor-sharp army and a crushing armada, and in spite of recent weeks of boiling tensions between the Bounty Hunter/White Knight Coalition and the Maniacal Horde Forces of Terror, we are pleased to announce that tonight after dinner, diplomacy ruled the day upstairs in Lego Land.

Narrowly avoiding a catastrophic Lego war, in which many ships, planes, stations and Lego people would have surely been annihilated, all parties agreed to a full and swift disarmament after Captain Silver and General Nautilus of the coalition called upon the once-evil Lord Blockhead to join them in peace negotiations and proposed an unconditional peace treaty and weapons elimination.

Accepting the terms with open but different colored arms, Lord Blockhead returned to Terror Tower aboard an air cruiser and commanded his ogres, skeletons and “mixed-pieces” army to shed and dismantle every blaster and bomb in possession, and return the parts to the Lego Common Bin. The same was done aboard the Bounty Hunter’s ship, the Ezra, as well the White Knights’ flying fortress, where all missiles and “special technology” weaponry was manually taken apart by trained technicians and put back into the bin.

“Months ago, Lego Land was a peaceful land,” said Silver. “It was not until we started building and stockpiling weapons – simply because of our own misunderstandings of each other – did the whispers of war intensify,” he said. He said with Lego Common nearly exhausted in the months-long pre-war effort, rebuilding would be impossible if war broke out.

“This marks a pivotal moment in Lego history,” said Nautilus from the deck of the Ezra, where the three leaders met to forge the treaty. “We hope that this agreement is everlasting, and that each Lego from this day forth will be used for good – for engineering and R&D – and for expanding the minds of children everywhere,” he said.


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