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Debate: Avocado Sandwich

July 22, 2013

During our Skype session tonight, Philo challenged me to an open debate (we’ve done this for years now.)

The topic, which he chose at random, was “Avocado Sandwich.”

He was on the side against (they are bad), I was on the side for (they are good.)

He made his first major error in his opening statement by taking up the issue of taste, although he did so quite aggressively and at great length. I countered ruthlessly, citing the folly of using opinions in a debate, and I gained the upper hand by simply emphasizing the fact of nutritional value. He fired back with ramblings about pesticides and chemicals used in white bread. I closed in, clarifying organic avocados and whole wheat bread from raw ingredients.

He turned his head to the side and tipped back slightly, looking off, deep into the distance and speaking under his breath. Searching, grasping.

After a prolonged silence, I told him to go rebuild his argument and let his little brother chat for a while.

We talked about Pokemon.