Proud Coach

A parent approached me on the field today early at practice. She was one of the first ones there. Her son is good. Sweet kid on the sidelines. A beast on the field.

She’s at every practice, every game, and has said maybe three words to me all season.

“I just wanted to say how appreciative I am that you stepped up to coach this year. You have been so great with these kids and I am just so grateful.”

She honestly gushed for about 3 whole minutes about the transformation she’s seen in her son.

I was speechless (you know that ain’t true!) But I was moved. She went on to say how much the team has grown this year and attributed it me. I told her, like I tell the team before, during, and after each win “It’s all them. They just show up and decide to play good soccer – whoever believes the most, wins.”

They hear that ten times a week verbatim.

That and, “Attitude trumps aptitude.” That’s our team motto.

Tomorrow and Sunday closes the season. Always humble and always sad. I’ll miss these kids. Until fall.


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