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Humpday, Mar 31, 2010

March 30, 2010

Hit the links for a few tidbits to get through the week …

The Rules About How Parents Should Make Rules – I first introduced my kids to rules when they were about one and a half years old –  long before they were developmentally ready to understand and obey them. I knew this, and had little expectation that they would follow any of the rules I had laid out in specific detail. But I felt that it made sense to at least introduce them to the fact that rules exist in the world and people follow them. So by the time their little brains were ready to follow them, rules weren’t a foreign concept. Did they follow along like good little lemmings? No they did not. But did it make it easier for both kids and parents? Yes it did.

Get Kids Growing! Regional Plant and Gardening Events for Families – If given a hands-on chance to observe it, kids learn alot from nature. Stuffing a tiny seed into a cup of dirt, kids learn that small things can grow into colossal things if we are patient and can find that happy medium between sticking to our end of the deal while still letting nature run its course. I know plenty of well-meaning but struggling adults who, for better or worse, never quite figured that out. At our house, as much as school and social rules, we put an equal emphasis on the mindful observation of nature, its patterns and balance. (If you hit the link, and scroll toward the bottom, they list a sensible 10-step plan for getting kids involved with the gardening process – and for our Northern Cal readers, there are ALOT of links to local venues there.)

Enjoy the jumps. Come back and see us when you can …