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Humpday, Jan 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

A few tidbits to get us through the week …

In fact, now with the holidays behind us and months of grey winter in front of us, I’ve included a few links to help get us through more than just a week …

Thus begins the battle against the winter blues.

There comes a time, usually around this time of year, when no amount of Blue Ray or  Guitar Hero can cheer us up.

Of course, if we took the time to learn to play a real guitar, that’d be a different story. Then we could harness the blues, and channel them – like the 11 year old kid in the video below.

But in the meantime, here’s some activities, food and ancient wisdom to help ward off the seasonal doldrums.

  • Activities to Beat the Winter Blues – [ … As the short days and long nights of winter roll into Febraury, both parents and kids can start to feel bored by the old standbys for family entertainment …]
  • Food to Best the Winter Blues [ … Of the nearly two thirds of U.S. adults surveyed, 64 percent agree that they are filled with greater joy soaking up the summer sun, then bundling up in winter coats. Although the science is still relatively new, research has begun to reveal how mindful eaters can choose their fuel to help achieve or maintain a desired mental state.  Our moods are linked to the production or use of certain brain chemicals …]
  • Feng Shui to Beat the Winter Blues – [ … Winter’s colder temperatures and longer evenings bring the blues to many sun-worshippers. Fortunately, feng shui can mitigate the more chilling effects of the season. Even better, it can also accentuate the many positive aspects of winter …]

Enjoy the jumps! Come back and see us when you can …


Humpday, Jan. 13, 2010

January 12, 2010

A few tidbits to get us through the week …

There’s alot of chatter these days about health care. Moreover, most folks are saying our current system needs an overhaul.

I agree.

All this talk about the future of health care makes me think of my kids. I hope that for the better part of their lives, they’ll not have to depend on someone else for their health and well being. I hope that with a healthy diet, good hygiene and ample exercise, they’ll be free of most ailments and will have little if no face time with doctors, excepting for the usual checkups.

I thought the video below, as told by a group of kids, reflects some of the biggest problems of the American health care system today. And we dropped some links in at the bottom, to help keep families on the track toward healthy independence.

  • Sesame Street has a whole page devoted to exactly what I’m talking about here! They have downloads and videos, including one with the First Lady, aimed helping kids establish easy and fun health regimens to keep them going strong.
  • Free Food and Nutrition Printables – Kids, parents, and teachers can enjoy free printables for kids from Nourish Interactive- The Fun Way to Learn About Nutrition!  Just ‘click to print’ educational and fun activity worksheets: matching, crossword puzzles, word searches, family nutrition tip sheets, kids coloring printables, and more.
  • KidsHealth is the #1 most-visited website for children’s health and development. They break it down, with info-packed tabs for “parents,” “kids” and “teens.”

Enjoy the jumps! Come back and see us when you can …